Rural Online Business Contest

The purpose of the rural online business contest is to give participating individuals real experience running an online business. We hope, and believe, that learning these skills will assist any individual in running an online business of their own.


For every participating student/individual to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to brand, market, and sell products to international markets from their rural communities.Browse this site listing about

Our intent is to help students/individuals who desire to live in a rural community to develop the ability to earn a living utilizing 21st century skills, knowledge and behaviors.


A contest will be run through classes or as independent project and will involve students/individuals from participating rural schools/communities competing in teams to see which team can make the greatest profit.


The product in year one will be a lip balm made of bees wax, soy and flavoring. The product idea is credited to Walton Rural Life Center, in Newton Kansas, where kindergartners make them.

Skills and Knowledge:

Branding: Each team will create a brand for their lip balm that is appealing to consumers.

Website Development: Each team will develop a website to sell their product.

Marketing: Students will learn how to use social media and other 21st century marketing skills and strategies.

Accounting/bookkeeping: Each team will be responsible for keeping accurate books and account for all of their finances.

Banking: Each student will open a bank account. The profits for each team will be divided among team members and deposited in their individual account which can be withdrawn in the form of a cash post secondary scholarship upon graduation.


School districts may include community teams in the contest.